Documentation:UBC iClicker User Guide (Windows)/WebCT Vista Gradebook

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How do I view my students' iClicker grades in WebCT Vista?

  1. Login to WebCT Vista and go into your class.
  2. Click the "Teach" tab.

    Teach gradebook.png

  3. In the sidebar, click "Grade Book".
  4. Your sessions will appear exactly as they are in iGrader.

    Vista gradebook.png

Note: If you edit the marks in WebCT Vista and then export the same session(s) again, the CMS Integrate wizard will omit the manually edited marks.

How do I upload only the total socre of all the sessions into WebCT Vista?

  1. In iGrader, press "Export Term Summary as CSV(Excel) File".

    Export all.png

  2. An export successful dialog will appear. Press "OK"

    Export success.png

  3. CMS Integrate Wizard will start automatically. Ignore it for now.
  4. In your course folder (i.e.:"iClicker Win - UBC/Classes/<your_course_here>"), open the "uploadfile.csv" file in Microsoft Excel.
  5. Select your iClicker sessions' columns (i.e.: column E and beyond).

    Excel e.png

  6. On your keyboard, press the "delete" key to remove the contents in the selected columns.
  7. Column D should be your total Marks. Copy column D and paste it into column E (i.e.: Right click on Column D. Select "Copy". Right click on Column E. Select "Paste".)
  8. If you want, rename "Total" to "Total iClicker Scores" or a meaningful name.
  9. Save the file (i.e.: Click on the "Save" Save icon.png icon).
  10. An confirmation box may appear as below. Click "Yes".

    Excel prompt.png

  11. Close Microsoft Excel.
  12. Now open the CMS Integrate Wizard and export your total grades (See Exporting Session Grades to WebCT Vista).
  13. In the WebCT Vista Grade Book, your total iClicker scores will be in the last column.

    Total iclicker.png