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How do I get my class roster from my WebCT Vista course?

1. Follow this link and sign in with your CWL here
2. On the next page, you will see the Utility ID and the Password (CMS username and password) you need to run CMS Integrate Wizard. Keep the page open while you go on to the steps below. This is used to connect to your courses on WebCT Vista.
E3 - Utility ID.jpg

Note: for the steps below you need to be on ubcsecure if on campus or if off campus

3. In the clicker course folder, open i>grader.
Igrader icon win.PNG
4. Select your course, then click on “Open i>grader”.
Welcome igrader.PNG
Open igrader win.PNG
5a. If the following pop-up appears, click on “Yes”. If not, go to 5b.
Vista Roster NotFound Popup.PNG
5b. Click on “Synchronize Web Registrations”. Then click “Yes”.
Synchronize Web Registrations Win.PNG
Confirm Sync.PNG
Note: If CMS Integrate Wizard does not open, you will need to install Microsoft's .NET framework on your computer. Click here: Microsoft’s .NET framework
6. In the pop-up window, enter your CMS Username and CMS Password (Utility ID and Password). Make sure the System/Version is selected to be “UBC WebCT Vista”. Press Login.
CMS Integrate Wizard Login.PNG
7. In the drop-down menu, select your course and press “Import Student Roster from CMS”.
Courses dropdown.PNG – integrate wizard drop down menu
Import button.PNG
  • Note: In iGrader, all students in your course with a registered clicker will be in BLUE; all students who HAVE NOT registered their clicker in WebCT Vista as well as unregistered clicker ids will be in RED.:
8. Once the class roster is successfully downloaded, a message like this will appear.
Successfully imported.PNG
9. Click “Exit” for CMS Integrate Wizard and i>grader. The class roster should be updated, when i>grader is opened again.