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Micro-blogging is very similar to weblogs, but the major difference is that long posts are restricted by setting an upper limit to the number of characters that the user is permitted to use.



The uses of micro-blogs are the similar to weblogs, except that blog posts are limited to 150 characters, encouraging snippets of "water-cooler" conversation rather than full on dialogues.

UBC In Practice:

UBC is experimenting with Yammer as a way to engage in "internal" conversations among various groups. It integrates with Twitter (in a superficial way) allowing Twitter users to send posts to Yammer by use of a hashtag #yam.

A Creative writing class uses Twitter to create stories, 142 characters at a time. Students receive an account with their order, they add to the story when it is their turn - a digital version of the campfire story.

Learn More:

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