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Requesting Open Textbooks at the UBC Bookstore


The UBC Bookstore offers print versions of open textbooks and can let students know that their course is using an OER resource. It is committed to supporting faculty in all of their course materials needs, and realizes the pedagogical and cost benefits of open resources to students. If you are considering using an open resource for your class, the Bookstore now lists OER links on their publisher rep list as a starting point for your reference.

If you have chosen an open resource, let the Bookstore know! Many students use the Bookstore online course list builder, or the course list terminals in-store, to know what course materials have been assigned for their courses. The Bookstore can add a note to these lists that lets students know that their course is using an open resource and, if the open source you decide upon is printable, the Bookstore can help students who would like a printed copy at cost. Please do not hesitate in contacting the course materials department at the Bookstore if you have any questions.