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POLI373: Environmental Ethics Class Activity - Information

Sample Assignment


In this assignment students were asked to work collaboratively to propose possible political strategies addressing the ethical challenges or opportunities associated with climate change. In preparation for this assignment the instructor wrote a case study. Students were asked to create "Student Action Plans" by looking at the issue from a variety of perspectives that took a number of political factors into consideration. The instructor devoted one tutorial and one lecture in total, with the remainder of the work done outside of class. Students were given one wee to complete this assignment and were given choice in their final submissions (analytical paper or an analytical/reflective paper). To keep the information on the Wiki current, the instructor may choose to have future students update/respond to the existing proposals. A laptop/computer and internet access is required for the completion of this project.

In Class Sessions

Prior to the first session In order to complete the in-class activity, students must complete the following tasks:

  • Bring a laptop or other suitable device to discussion sections on Friday so you can edit and add your proposal to the wiki (you will be able to share in groups if you don't have one yourself).

1. Tutorial

  • Students create proposals to address ethical obstacles or opportunities to address global climate change
  • Proposals will be written directly into the wiki (students will be made aware that anyone can view and/or edit their wiki pages)
  • Students to read all class proposals as homework

2. Lecture

  • During lecture on the topic, professor will facilitate discussion on the action plans
  • Students are encouraged to edit the wiki after the class discussion

Student Hand-Outs

  1. Wiki Support: “how-to” videos and tutorials
  2. “How should we address climate change? - Class Activity”