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Context: Every time I teach my FNH200 class, I ask students to form groups and explore the science behind any food product they want. I have one goal in mind: get students to learn from each other.

What do students need to learn? Students are learning to how to present information and share research with each other.

What has been your approach to teaching? I had students make poster presentations where everyone had a chance to walk around a space and ask each other questions. The student posters were well made but I wanted some way to keep them without taking up too much space. The following year, instead of poster presentations, students were asked to create project pages on the UBC Wiki with the intent of having informational pages for the food products they investigated. The wiki pages were well-written and detailed but I wasn't sure if the students will read a whole page.

What approach are you experimenting with? A year later, I asked students to do 5-minute, in-class group presentation based on their wiki projects. I realized that not everyone was engaged. I then decided to add a 5-minute video component instead of the presentation.The videos needed to be educational and their intended audiences were everyone else who were not part of the class.

What are students learning? They are learning how to create educational videos about products they research themselves.

What are you learning? Watch the video above to find out what was it like for Judy to integrate videos in class, how did the students react, how did the videos turn out, and what Judy learned during the whole experience.

We asked her the following questions:

Question Time Stamp
Why ask students to make video projects? 00m:17s
Did you know how to make videos? 01m:36s
What were your expectations? 02m:06s
How did the video projects turn out? 02m:41s
How were the video projects? 03m:02s
What are some examples? 03m:52s
What did the students learn from the project? 05m:18s
What did you ask students to think about? 06m:40s
What changes will you make in future classes? 07m:36s
What did you learn from the project? 08m:05s

Course Details

Judy Chan

Sessional Lecturer

Food, Nutrition, and Health Program

Faculty of Land and Food Systems

Course Code: FNH 200 (102)

Course Name: Exploring Our Food

Term Offered: 2012 Winter, Term 2

Mode of Delivery: Face to Face

Class Size: 170


Icons used in the feature image and the video are from the Noun Project:

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