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Videos serve an important role in Digital Tattoo as an alternate means of conveying the project's message, rather than just using text and images (blogs, pages, etc...). Audiences are more inclined to watch a video than read a page of text, and so it is paramount that we take advantage of this fact by creating our own videos from scratch. Creating our own videos also allows us to tailor the message conveyed by the video more closely so that is aligns with our project's values and goals.

The "Think Before You Ink" Video Series

The Think Before You Ink (often referred to as TBYI) series focuses on exposing current trends and issues in social media, as well as new technologies that could potentially have a great effect on the way people interact online. This video series also ends with a message of how the viewers can improve their own digital identity, and how they can better function as digital citizens (according to the video topic, of course).

Guides to the Video Production Process

Below are a series of guides on all the stages of video production, written from my (Paul Chiang's) personal experience working on videos in Digital Tattoo.