Documentation:Clickers and the new LMS Pilot

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Do I need to download a new copy of the clicker software for the new LMS?

Yes, you will need a new version of the clicker software. You can download it here:

How do I add a registration link to my course so my students can register their clickers?

Visit this page for step-by-step instructions on how to add a registration link to your new LMS course.

How do I import/export with the new LMS?

For information on how to log in with the CMS Integrate Wizard, check out this page: CMS Integrate Wizard with the New LMS


If I have registered my clicker in Vista, do I need to register again in the new LMS?

Yes, even if you have registered your clicker in a Vista course, you still need to register your clicker in the new LMS. However, like Vista, you will only need to register your clicker in one new LMS course and it automatically registers your clicker to other new LMS courses you have.

Where do I register my clicker in the new LMS?

For courses in the new LMS, follow these instructions to register your clicker.


Here are the main points:

  • Students need to register their clickers in the new LMS and can begin doing so right away. (If students have courses in Vista that use Clickers, they need to register in Vista as well).
  • In iClicker > Settings and Preferences > 'Registration/Export' tab, instructors should choose Blackboard 'Version 8 and above' as their 'Course Management System' -
  • Instructors will need a new CMS Integrate Wizard config file that includes the option to connect to both Vista and the new LMS -
    • This file will be available in early January.
  • Instructors will need to use their PUID and Utility password to put in the CMS Integrate Wizard
    • To find PUIDs, in the new LMS > click on the Content Collections tab at the top
Note: can also provide your instructors with their PUID
  • When 'Save Username and Password' is selected, the CMS Integrate Wizard will remember both PUID+utility password (for the new LMS) and utility id+utility password (vista) combinations!! but instructors will need to manually choose Vista or new LMS whenever the wizard opens
  • The downloaded student roster file is now called gb_export.csv (for Vista it's called class.txt) - RemoteID.csv remains the same.