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The Winter Institute 2019 (December 10-12, 2019) is an opportunity to network with UBC colleagues and to share practices, research, and experiences around teaching, learning, and technology. The program is designed with novice instructors in mind, with topics ranging from the fundamentals of teaching and learning to more advanced considerations around enhancing student learning and progressing in their own teaching careers. The sessions offer reflective space and practical advice to directly support your teaching and learning skills development.

Call for Contributions

We invite proposals that will support new instructors and teaching assistants in preparing for and teaching their upcoming classes. The Winter Institute is a great opportunity to connect with new colleagues, share your experiences in navigating teaching and learning at UBC, and to build our collective capacity to enhance student learning and experiences.

In addition to the fundamentals (e.g., Navigating Your Role as an Instructor, Writing Effective Learning Objectives, Effective Lesson Planning, Assessment Strategies, and Writing a Learner-Centered Syllabus) that will be offered as part of the Winter Institute, we are looking for proposals that directly develop the capacity of new instructors and teaching assistants within the UBC context.

Institute Facilitator Community Workshop

We are offering an 1.5 hour workshop Do We Walk Our Talk? Creating Inclusive Workshop for a Diverse Learning and Teaching Community, (optional but highly encouraged) for all of our Winter Institute Facilitators on Thursday October 31st, 2019 from 1-2:30 p.m. This will be a great opportunity for you to connect with fellow Institute Facilitators and to learn from one another!

While the goal of the Winter Institute is to create sustainable, inclusive, and thriving learning communities and many of us are bringing a wide range of amazing strategies to help each other optimize our learning environments, have we examined our own facilitation practices to ensure that we walk what we talk?

In order to reflect on current facilitation practices, participants are encouraged to bring an old or current workshop plan that they are prepared to scribble over with new ideas!

Institute Schedule & Curated Resources

Date and Time Session Title Facilitator(s) Relevant Workshop Resources and Materials
December 10, 2019 Growing your Instructor Toolkit: Exploring Strategies for Teaching, Learning & Wellbeing Patty Hambler, Director, Health Promotion & Education, Student Development & Services;

Jocelyn Micallef, Educational Developer, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology;

Marie Krbavac, Educational Consultant, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

on behalf of The Teaching and Wellbeing Community of Practice

December 10, 2019 Inclusive Teaching Case Studies: From Course Design to Classroom Practices Hanae Tsukada, Educational Strategist, Equity & Inclusion Office;

Nicole Ronan, Learning Designer, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

December 10, 2019 Supporting Students to Ethically Work with the Community: Modules that can be Integrated into Courses and Programs Diana Lin, Clinical Associate Professor, Faculty of Dentistry;

Carrie Krekoski, Clinical Assistant Professor, Faculty of Dentistry;

Michael Denhamer, Education Programs Coordinator, Centre for Community Engaged Learning;

Kyle Nelson, Community Engaged Learning Officer, Centre for Community Engaged Learning

December 10, 2019 Survey Design Workshop for Instructors Trish Varao-Sousa, PhD, SoTL Facilitator, Learning Evaluation & Research CTLT;

Paulina Semenec, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Facilitator, Learning Evaluation and Research

December 10, 2019 Community Engaged Learning: Assessing Student Learning in our Classes Shadi Mehrabi, Community Engaged Learning Office, Centre for Community Engaged Learning;

Neila Miled, Sessional Lecturer, Phd. Candidate, Liu Scholar, PSI scholar, Centre for Culture, Identity and Education

  • Please contact the facilitators for more information on this topic.
December 10, 2019 How to Facilitate Structured Engagement to Unleash Everyone Barish Golland, Integrated Renewal Program;

Zsuzsi Fodor, Engagement Strategist, Community Engagement

December 11, 2019 Integrating Student Engagement and Our Classroom Teaching : A UN Sustainable Development Framework Kshamta B. Hunter, Manager, Sustainability Student Engagement, UBC Sustainability Initiative;

Tara Moreau, Associate Director, Sustainability and Community Programs, Botanical Garden

December 11, 2019 Implementing Peer Feedback on Collaborative Writing Assignment Xiaowen Xu, PhD, Instructor, Faculty of Arts, Department of Asian Studies;

Trish Varao-Sousa, PhD, SoTL Facilitator, Learning Evaluation & Research CTLT; Bosung Kim, PhD,Educational Consultant: Learning Design, CTLT

December 11, 2019 Supporting Student Wellbeing Through Technology-Supported Peer Assessment Steven Barnes, Senior Instructor, Psychology;

Pete Ostafichuk, Professor, Mechanical Engineering;

Marie Krbavac, Educational Consultant, Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology;

Tim Kato, Team Lead, Information Technology;

Jocelyn Micallef, Educational Developer, Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology;

Letitia Englund, UX/UI Analyst, Centre for Teaching, Learning, & Technology

December 11, 2019 Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Assault Sasha Wiley-Shaw, Educator, Sexual Violence Prevention Response Office, UBC
December 11, 2019 Inclusive Teaching: What is it, and Why Does it Matter? kele fleming, Associate Director, CTLT;

Gillian Gerhard, Senior Manager, CTLT;

Sue Hampton, Educational Consultant, CTLT

December 11, 2019 Distressing Material in (and Beyond) the Classroom: Strategies and Resources for Responsible Engagement Fenn Stewart, PhD, UBC Department of English Language and Literatures, Douglas College Department of English;

Evan Mauro, PhD - Lecturer, Coordinated Arts Program, UBC;

Juliane Okot Bitek, Department of English, Capilano University

  • Please contact Fenn Stewart @ for more information on this topic.
December 12, 2019 Framing Conversations with Students in Distress Diana Jung, Health Promotion Specialist, Health Promotion & Education;

Brian Barth, Manager of Student Support Services, Student Development & Services

December 12, 2019 Evaluation of Teaching: New Metrics and Summary of Statistics Alison Wong, Support Analyst, CTLT;

Abdel Azim Zumrawi, P.Stat, Statistician, CTLT

  • Please contact the facilitators for more information on this topic.
December 12, 2019 Supporting Students' Learning, Health and Wellbeing Alex Kuskowski, Learning Services Librarian, UBC Library;

Patty Hambler, Director, Health Promotion & Education, Student Development & Services;

Gail Hammond, Instructor, Land and Food Systems;

Marie Krbavac, Educational Consultant, CTLT;

Josefina Rosado, Educational Consultant, CTLT

December 12, 2019 In-Class Experiential Education Techniques: An Interactive and Applied Session Dr. Tara Ivanochko, Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences, Senior Instructor;

Dr. Susan Cox, School of Population and Public Health, Associate Professor;

Lachlan Caunt, Allard School of Law, Sessional Teaching Faculty

December 12, 2019 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Sustainability Education Jean Marcus, Director, USI Teaching, Learning & Student Engagement;

Derek Gladwin, Assistant Professor, Language and Literacy Education, Faculty of Education;

Vanessa de Oliveira Andreotti, Professor, Educational Studies, Faculty of Education;

Will Valley, Instructor, Applied Biology, Faculty of Land and Food Systems