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Useful templates

  • broad to specific

Multi-page Projects

  • Setting Up and Infobox with Index page.

To create a simple infobox on your own wiki page, copy and paste the below code and then you can modify it to fit your specific needs.

{|  class="infobox"
! colspan="2" style="background:#002859; width:200px; color: white; font-weight:normal; font-size:11pt; padding-top: 0.5em; padding-bottom: 0.5em;" | Simple<br/>Infobox
!scope="row" colspan="2"| [[Image:Card_Catalogue.jpg|264px]]
! colspan="2" style="background:#7491a3; font-weight:normal; width:200px; color: white; font-size:10pt;" | UBC Project Title
! colspan="2" style="font-size:9pt; font-weight:normal; width:200px; text-align:left; padding:0.5em;" | Welcome to the wiki for our project. This wiki is intended to be a space for to share and to contribute knowledge and resources related to this specific project.
! colspan="2" style="background:#7491a3; width:200px; font-weight:normal; font-size:10pt; color: white;" | '''Associated Pages'''
| style="font-size:9pt;" |
*[[Help:Main|Link to Specific Page]]
*[[Help:Main|Another Link]]
  • Using Categories

Pedagogical Approach

  • What is it?
  • Theoretical Underpinning
  • How Does it Support Learning?
  • Example in Practice
  • Support Contacts
  • Further Reading

Lesson/Workshop Plan

  • Logistics
  • Materials
  • Overview/Context
  • Activities (with time estimates)
  • Follow-Up
  • Additional Resources

Resource lifecycle


Content Creation

When developing the initial content, it is worth considering what the resource's future content needs may be (e.g., addition of new content, updates).

Preservation and Upkeep

Review and Evaluation

In a dynamic ever-changing environment, it is important to regularly examine whether the resources are providing value to and are meeting the emerging needs of the teaching and learning community. This would allow you to optimize the utility and impact of the resource or to make decisions around decommissioning/archiving the resource.


In UBC Wiki, you can check pageviews of the wiki resources you or/and others have created. Adding statistics can be very useful when you reflect and evaluate the resources you have created on Wiki. Take a look at Help:Adding statistics to your page to learn how to add statistics to your wiki page.

Managing your resources


Add pages to your watchlist by clicking on the star at the top of the wiki

A watchlist curates a set of pages that you have selected to monitor for editorial changes. You can add pages to your watchlist by clicking the star at the top of each page. You can easily access this watchlist by selecting "Watchlist" located in the administrator bar at the very top of the screen.


You can configure your preferences to have the UBC Wiki email you every time a page on your watchlist is changed. You can do so by accessing "Preferences" located in the administrator bar at the very top of the screen. Scroll down to the "Email options" to select "Email me when a page or file on my watchlist is changed".