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  • There is enough detail that an instructor/facilitator may be able to deliver this lesson/workshop effectively.
  • The lesson plan models elements of an effective lesson (e.g., using the BOPPPS model of the ISW)

Resource Development Instructions:

When creating a new resource at the lesson plan level, please use the Documentation namespace.

How to add your resource to the Teaching and Learning Resource Portal?

  • Add one of the following Teaching Pathways category: Design for Understanding, Teach for Learning, Consider Your Learners, or Develop Your Teaching
  • Add [[Category: Guides]] somewhere in your article


(what is this lesson about? why was it developed?)


(date, time, location, preparation, room set up)


(handouts, slidedecks, examples, templates, etc)

Introductions/Welcome & Housekeeping

(territorial acknowledgement)

Learning Objectives/Goals


(hands on activity, groupings, debrief, time allotment)


(collect feedback)

Follow-Up Resources

(contact info of the facilitator/instructor)

Post-Session Reflection

(What worked/didn't work? What would I do differently next time?)