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What is a framework?

  • pedagogical "philosophy/theoretical underpinnings" about teaching and learning (e.g., inclusive teaching, open education, transformative learning, different ways of knowing, reflective practice, etc.)

Resource Development Instructions

When creating a new resource at the framework level, please use the Main namespace.

How to add your resource to the Teaching and Learning Resource Portal?

  • Add one of the following Teaching Pathways category: Design for Understanding, Teach for Learning, Consider Your Learners, or Develop Your Teaching
  • Add [[Category: Framework]] somewhere in your article

What is it?

(brief description of background and synthesized literature (if available), What schisms/different takes are there? Why consider? Why important?, current debates and controversies, etc.)

Key aspects

Limitations & Strengths


Relevant Approaches & Praxis

(provide links to relevant approaches, practical guides, and lesson plans that is guided by this framework)


(select references that supports the description of background under "What is it?" above)