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What is an approach?

  • pedagogical approach, method, strategy used to supporting learning (ie active learning, problem/case based learning, etc.)

Resource Development Instructions

When creating a new resource at the approaches level, please use the Documentation namespace.

How to add your resource to the Teaching and Learning Resource Portal?

  • Add one of the following Teaching Pathways category: Design for Understanding, Teach for Learning, Consider Your Learners, or Develop Your Teaching
  • Create a category under the title of this approach.
  • Add [[Category: Approach]] somewhere in your article


we need:

  • Good Headings for a stand alone resource page (bring to Open Learning Design Group to discuss)
  • code/ sample for google slides and PPT pdf layout.
  • code/ sample for YouTube video
  • image example and instructions.( finding CC images important)
  • add categories: Teaching and Learning, etc.


  • people interested in teaching and learning will likely find this helpful.
  • people will understand this better of given an example in practice.
  • people need to know who they can consult with.

What is it?

(what is this and where did it come from - perhaps in relation to the bigger "framework/philosophy", values that this approach embodies)

Why use it?

(benefits to using this approach, benefits to learning, research if available, why does it work?)


(examples of f those who are using this approach in the UBC context or beyond)

Learning Considerations

(relate this approach to "how people learn" and what students bring to the classroom)- What will students need in order to fully engage with this approach?

Teaching Considerations

(what do you need to do to implement this effectively? resources, time, money, materials, etc.)


(select references)

Practical Guides

(implementation example of this approach;could be pulled in to each page by category DPL)