Differences between Totem Park and Place Vanier

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Vanier vs Totem
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Approx. Distance Apart: 750 Meters
0.5 Miles
426.411 fathoms
5.21278e-9 Astro. Units

Party Reputations

Totem currently has a reputation for being the "party dorm" on campus, however, a similar amount of parties also take place at Vanier. While both both dorms can be noisy and do have parties at times it is possible to study and do well at UBC while living in either dorm. Both residences have quiet study rooms.

Location Differences

  • Place Vanier is located farther north and it is closer to the Arts buildings, the Barber Learning Center, the main library, the Japanese gardens, and the Museum of Anthropology
  • Totem Park is located farther south and it is closer to the Engineering, Science, LFS, and Forestry buildings. It is also closer the the UBC Botanical Garden, the Starbucks in the Engineering building, the sports fields, and UBC Thunderbird Arena.

Minor Differences

  • Totem has a frozen yogurt and a smoothie machine. Vanier has neither.
  • Vanier has an ultimate frisbee league while Totem has a football league.
  • There are elevators in all of Totem's buildings while only two buildings have elevators in Vanier.

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