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RSOT513 - Health Illness Occupation

Assignment: Health condition and occupation (30 marks)

Due date: Wiki posting – April 1st mid-night; Wikipedia posting – April 29th mid-night

Assignment requirements

This group assignment is designed to help you to gain in-depth understanding of a specific illness and its implications to an individual’s occupation. Your final deliverable might contribute to the public’s understanding of OT contributions to the management of that specific illness.

In February, form your group of 6 - 7 learners and choose an area of illness from a list provided by the instructor (6 groups of 6 and 2 groups of 7). Topics listed are broad areas of illness that occupational therapists commonly come across. It is highly recommended that you choose a specific condition that fits the topic.

Using creditable evidence, your group is responsible for researching and developing an evidence based UBC wiki page with the following headings:

•etiology of the condition (2 marks),
•prevalence of the condition (1 mark),
•common signs and symptoms (and differential diagnosis, if appropriate) of the condition (5 marks),
•its implications for the occupations (in self-care, productivity and leisure) of people with this condition (8 marks), and
•how occupational therapy can help to address the identified occupational performance issues ( 8 marks)

To support your discussion in this wiki page, you are required to identify evidence from current literature with high credibility (such as articles from peer reviewed journals published within past 6 to 7 years). A minimum of 4 references, with at least 1 from occupational therapy related journals, are required.

This group wiki page must be professionally written; well organized, and show logical development of thought. It should: include a maximum 4,000 words with accurate headings; be organized, neat, and clear; use correct syntax, grammar and spelling, include citations and a reference list using Vancouver style. You will also find useful information about writing wiki and basic wiki etiquettes; basic web writing & additional resources on web writing.

Two (2) copies of the paper, one electronic (url of the UBC wiki), one hard-copy (print out from your UBC wiki site), are required (marks will be deducted for not meeting any of these criteria).

The wiki page is to be completed by April 1st mid-night. After the paper is marked, your group is also responsible for editing your section on “how occupational therapy can help” and posting it to a related wikipedia site to educate the general public on the role of OT in this area of practice (6 marks). This Wikipedia posting is to be completed by April 29th mid-night. Once posted, you are required to email the wikipedia url and the posted paragraph(s)to Michael.

Links to various wiki page are as follows