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Project 1: Grass Whistling

Project 9: Guitar Top Frequency Variations

Project 10: Finding the Right Bass EQ

Project 2: Fish-shape Wind Chime

Project 3: Altering the Timbre of a Trumpet

Project 4: How the tensile properties of string affect the pitch of a guitar

Project 5: Strobe Lights and Guitar Strings

Project 6: Comparing Electric Guitar and Bass

Project 7: Timbre Variations Within a Guitar

Project 8: How To Make A Membrane Instrument

Project 11: The Harmonics of Bean Guitar and Plastic tubes

Project 12: Can we change the timbre of our voice without modifying our anatomy?

Project 13: Cymatics

Project 14:The Conch (Shell trumpet)

Project 17: Binaural Beats vs. Music: Concentration and Focus

Project 22: Physics of the Guitar

Project 23: How few tones are required to replicate a stringed sound?

Project 27: How Sound Changes in Different Rooms

Project 15: How Does a Word Look Like? A Crash Course to Analyzing Spectrograms

Project 16: The Human Singing Voice

Project 21: The Native Australian Bilma (clapstick)

Project 18: Exploration of Microphone Placement: How does distance affect sound?

Project 19: your title here

Project 20: your title here

Project 24: your title here

Project 25: your title here

Project 26: your title here

Project 28: your title here