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Step 1: Create Your Wiki Page

We have made it easy for you to create your assignment page right from here. Just add the title of your project to the box below and click on the create page button (note that you will need to be logged in to the UBC Wiki in order for this to work). On the edit screen that loads, add your name to the edit screen and hit SAVE at the bottom of the page. You can delete this later when you are ready to start writing your article.

Step 2: Submit Your Wiki Page Assignment

After you have completed the assignment, students will need to allocate one member of their groups to submit a document through CANVAS with:

  • Group member names
  • Date
  • Course Code
  • Title of Project
  • Link to Wiki Project

As a reminder, please do not list student names on the Wiki site and pages themselves, only on the document to be submitted on CANVAS

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Project Template

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