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ETEC 511 History of Educational Technology: Discourse Leadership:
Learning Module: Overview :: Audio - Paul & Petrina (2002) :: Reading #1 - Moody (1999) :: Reading #2 - Petrina (2004) :: Reading #3 - Petrina (2002) :: Wiki Activity :: Twitter BackChannel Discussion :: Conclusion
DLG Foundations: Learning Theory :: References

Created and Facilitated by: Rachel Bronk, Sharon Hann, Emily Jarvis, Aaron Mueller and Andrew Olson

Gagne's Nine Steps of Instruction

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"Articulate a brief synopsis of the learning theory and way of thinking about ID on which you based your module, which is consistent with your personal philosophy, and is compatible with the context in which you work or hope to work"

We chose Gagne's Nine Steps of Instruction as the ID model on which to base our module. This model was most conducive to our personal philosophies because it represents a logical progression through the before, during and after stages of learning. The ID model's application can be seen explicitly in our module with the first three steps appearing in our Overview, the middle three steps appearing in the pages of each reading and the final three steps appearing both with Vista discussion and in our Conclusion. We believe that following Gagne's Nine Steps of Instruction in our own teaching practice provides our students with the best learning experience possible.