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Welcome to the Wiki Project Space for EOSC 270

EOSC270 Marine Biodiversity
Sea turtle sitting on coral looking at camera
Course title
Instructor: Brian Hunt
TA: Charlotte Barclay
TA: Lisa Kester
Canvas Page
Class Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday

3:30-5:00 PM Pacific Time

Project Overview

Your term project is to create a UBC Wiki article that focuses on one of the following:

  1. Human impacts on the ocean
  2. Case studies in restoration
  3. Now and Then - human driven changes in marine ecosystems

Irrespective of topic and theme, the wiki page should:

  • Show an integrated understanding of the ecosystem being discussed (this can be local or global in scale);
  • Identify and demonstrate understanding of the problem
    • i.e. the primary human impacts on the ecosystem – what it is, how it effects the ecosystem, and how pervasive it is
  • Identify potential solutions

An example of a page structure is addressing the following questions:

  1. What is the problem?
  2. What is the impact?
  3. What is the cause of the problem?
  4. What is the solution (local)?
  5. What is the solution (global)?

Project Guidelines and Assignments

Familiarize yourself with the UBC Wiki here and watch the introduction video. Create your user page to contextualize the work you publish on this public space.

This assignment is a group activity, to be undertaken by groups of 4 or 5 students.

  • Groups can be self-selected;
  • Groups cannot work on the same topic;
  • Topics will be approved by the instructor;
  • Topics must be different to those covered in the previous year’s classes;
  • The assignment will proceed as a multi-step process, as outlined below;
  • The assignment includes development of a UBC wiki page and delivery of a class presentation;

Assignment 1: Wiki page outline

Select your topic and provide an outline of your wiki page with the chosen draft title, skeleton of section layout and identify responsibilities for each group member. Submit either as a word document or pdf to Canvas OR a link to your wiki page.

Assignment 2: Wiki page draft

After reviewing feedback for topic complete a draft of your project page and submit a word document for review. The draft should have the updated title, citations, and illustrations and include:

  1. individual sections
  2. compiled sections

As a first draft, it is expected that there will be room for improvement. Submit BOTH the individual sections as a word document or pdf to Canvas AND Turnitin and the link to the draft wiki page.

Assignment 3: Wiki page draft peer review

Each student will be assigned one wiki page draft for peer review. A peer review form will be provided for this Assignment. Submit the peer review form to Canvas as either a pdf or word document.

Assignment 4: Presentation

Present your topic in your groups to the class and receive feedback on your work. The objective of the presentation is to communicate the topic and wiki page content to a live audience. Presentations should follow the same section structure as the wiki page.

Each presentation should have:

  • A title slide
  • 2 slides per section (student) – each student must allocate a maximum of 2 minutes to their slides.
  • Total presentation time will be 11 minutes.

Time keeping will be strict, and presentations will be cut-off if they exceed 9 minutes to ensure every group gets adequate time to present.

Be prepared to offer each other tips that you have learned while interacting with the UBC Wiki.

The final presentation must be submitted to Canvas by 27th February as a powerpoint (ppt) file (NOTE: this is BEFORE the presentation dates). Presentations will have both an individual and group grade component.

Assignment 5: Wiki page final

Publish your final project page to the UBC Wiki. It is expected that the final version would have significantly improved based on peer review and instructor / TA feedback. Submit BOTH the individual sections as a word document or pdf to Canvas AND Turnitin and the link to the final wiki page.