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APBI 402 / SOIL 502
Sustainable Soil Management
Group work in APBI 402_SOIL 502 course
Course Info
Instructors: Dr. Maja Krzic; Dr. Sandra Brown
Class schedule: Friday 1-3pm (Lecture)
Monday 3-5pm (Tutorial)
Classroom: FNH50 (Mon) & MCML158 (Fri)
Course Material
* Syllabus * Schedule
* PBL Case * Final Exams

Case Studies

Effects of Long-Term Grazing on Rangeland Soil Quality in Southern BC

Overall case specific learning outcome: to characterize the soil quality of rangeland soils, with an emphasis on soil physical properties.

With the help of a series of guiding questions and the interaction with instructors and your group members, you will accomplish the following tasks:

1. Interpret the results of the long-term cattle grazing experiment.

2. Describe your learning in written format (as individual students) and orally (as a working team).

3. Post on the course web site responses to the guiding questions.

Each week, we will cover a different topic for this case study

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four Tutorial week