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Week Date Tutorial (Mon 3-5pm)
Date Lecture (Fri 1-2pm)
1 Monday Jan 10 Lecture Maja: Course introduction & review of relevant soil concepts Friday Jan 14 Lecture Maja: Introduction to soil quality concept

Case 1 (Soil physics)

  • Impacts of mechanical soil disturbance on soil quality on forest landings in BC
  • Soil erosion in the middle mountains in Nepal
  • Cattle grazing and its impacts on soil quality
2 Monday Jan 17 Case 1 (Soil physics)

3-4pm: Lecture Maja Physical attributes of soil quality
4-5pm: Group work

Friday Jan 21 Group work
3 Monday Jan 24 Case 1 (Soil physics)

3-4pm: Lecture Sandra Soil Erosion
4-5pm: Group work

Friday Jan 28 Group work
4 Monday Jan 31 Case 1 (Soil physics)

Group work

Friday Feb 4 Group work to assist groups and individual students to prepare for oral presentations and written reports
5 Monday Feb 7 Case 1 (Soil physics)

Group presentations and synthesis

Friday Feb 11 Lecture Sandra: Soil Nutrient Management

Case 2 (Soil Chemistry):

  • Site management practices and soil quality on forest plantations in South Africa
  • Soil fertility assessment of the UBC Farm
  • Soil chemical assessment of fabricated mixes as the Vancouver Landfill
  • Re-grounding in Riley Park
Monday Feb 14 3-4pm: Lecture Mike van Ham Use of biosolids to create constructed soils

4-5pm: Group work

Friday Feb 18 Group work
6 Monday Feb 21 Family Day - UBC closed

Reading break - UBC closed

Friday Feb 25 Reading break - UBC closed
7 Monday Feb 28 3-5 pm Cindy Prescott visits her group Forest soil nutrition
Group work
Friday Mar 4 Group work
8 Monday Mar 7 Case 2 (Soil chemistry)

Group presentations and synthesis

Friday Mar 11 In-class activity Sandra: Activity instructions

Case 3 (Soil biology):

  • Soil fauna at a LTSP site
  • Effects of long-term grazing on abundance and diversity of soil mesofauna
  • Effects of variable retention harvesting on soil microbial communities in coastal BC forests
9 Monday Mar 14 Case 3 (Soil biology)

3-4pm," Lecture Shannon Berch Soil biota and forest productivity
4-5pm Group work

Friday Mar 18 Group work

Soil biological quality video mini-lecture

10 Monday Mar 21 Case 3 (Soil biology)

3-5pm: Group work

Friday Mar 25 Case 3 (Soil biology)

Group work

11 Monday Mar 28 Case 3 (Soil biology)

Group work

Friday Apr 1 Case 3 (Soil biology)

Group work

12 Monday Apr 4 Case 3 (Soil biology)

Group presentations and synthesis

Friday Apr 8 Closing lecture

Maja & Sandra: Course summary