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Please note that in this course we have a 3 day take-home exam, which will focus on a case study (including physical, chemical and/or biological aspects of soil quality)

  • The exam will be posted in Canvas and e-mailed (as an attachment) to all students in the course on April 14, 2020. Once you finish your exam paper, you will post it in Canvas (similarly to what you have done for term papers in this course).
  • You can work individually or in groups; however, write-ups must be done individually and contain original content.

Exam format

  • Word limit is 1,500 words (excluding list of references, tables, figures, and attachments).
  • Content and organization should follow the four questions provided in the exam (see examples of past exams below).
  • As part of the final exam, we will provide you with background information on climate, soil type and parent material. You will be given a choice of several land uses and will be asked to develop an assessment of soil quality, an integrated soil quality framework, and management recommendations.

Here you will find couple of old final exams for APBI 402/SOIL 502

Old Final Exams