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There are two methods for printing at UBC Library: Web Printing and Library Workstation Printing.

Web Printing: printing from a laptop or personal computer

The Web Printing option allows you to print to a Pay for Print printer from your laptop or personal computer.

  1. Prepare your document.
  2. Log in to Login with your EAD account number and password when the pop-up login is displayed. For students, this is your CWL username, suffixed with “.stu” (e.g., yourcwlusername.stu). Use this username with your CWL password. For faculty and staff, just use your regular CWL login credentials. For visitors this will be your UBC Guest Card account number and password.
  3. Verify that you have funds available in your account. If not, click on “Add Money – UBCcard” or "Add Money - Visitors".
    Summary step3a.PNG
  4. Click on “Web Print” followed by “Submit a Job.”
    Submitjob step4.PNG
  5. Select the printer that you want to use. To print to a Library printer, choose either library\colour or library\mono (black & white). If you do not see the printer that you want to use, you can use the search feature to find the appropriate printer or queue. If you are unsure of what printer to use, ask at a library service desk.
    library\Colour (virtual) stands for the Colour print queue
    library\Colour Duplex (virtual) stands for the double sided Colour print queue
    library\Mono (virtual) stands for the B&W print queue
    library\Mono Duplex (virtual) stands for the double sided B&W print queue
    Printerpick step5a.PNG

    After you have selected a printer, scroll down and click on “Print Options and Account Selection” to continue followed by “Upload Documents.”

    Printerpick step5b.PNG

  6. Click on “Print Options and Account Selection” to continue followed by “Upload Documents.”
  7. Click on “Upload from Computer” and select your file. A list of supported file types is shown on this page. Upload step7.PNG Upload and complete step7b.PNG

  8. Click on “Upload & Complete” after you are done selecting your files. Rendering step8.PNG
  9. You will be redirected to a print status monitoring page. The print job will be held in the system (for 3 hours) until you release it at a Library print station. Held in Queue step9.PNG