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One student describes her experience with economic classes: "I have been attending lectures and taking notes, but for some reason, I still have trouble with a lot of the topics, so it would be nice if we could do a run through of everything I have been learning so far."

What the student describes is not uncommon among students who are learning economics for the first time. The reason is that "economics thinking" is a bit different from everyday decision making and so some of the concepts may look a bit foreign at the beginning. However, once students get a hang of the "rational thinking" behind economics, most of the class will suddenly makes much more sense. The purpose of the topics below (when fully developed) are meant to illustrate various concepts to fulfill that purpose.

Econ Help!

ECON 101

10 Principles of Economics
Production Possibility Frontier
The Circular Flow Diagram
Supply and Demand
Cost of Production
Slutsky Substitution and Income Effect
Special Utility Functions
Tax brackets
Game Theory Strategic Interactions

ECON 102

GDP Gross Domestic Products
Inflation and CPI
Calculating CPI
Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply
Okun's Law
Keynesian Multiplier
The Labour Market
Long Run Economic Growth