UBC Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Club

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UBC Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Club
Location 6133 Student Union Boulevard Vancouver BC, Canada V6T 1Z1
Website http://facebook.com/UBCEDM

The UBC Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Club is a constituted[1]

student club of the Alma Mater Society of the University of British Columbia. The UBC EDM Club was founded by Adam Kolsrud in 2013. Adam wrote the club constitution, collected signatures from UBC students to demonstrate interest in the club, and gave a presentation to the AMS describing the purposes of the club. A few months later the club was officially constituted by the AMS (Alma Mater Society). In the summer of 2014 a community project with similar goals, The Night Club of UBC (started by Luc Briede-Cooper), merged into the UBC EDM Club to bring together UBC's DJs, producers and avid listeners of electronic music. The UBC EDM Club's office is in room 3305 of the AMS Nest.


UBC EDM organises hangouts, events and workshops centered around the UBC community. 2016/17 saw DJ Workshops and the addition of Production Workshops. This supports the community of DJs, producers and fans of all electronic music based at UBC. The UBC EDM Club hosts its own events including Project Underground in 2017. They support student based groups by providing affordable lighting equipment, AV services, consultation and providing DJ services from the club roster for their events.

The UBC EDM Club has made contributions to the following events

  • Bonfire by the UBC EDM Club and the Land and Food Systems Undergraduate Society First Year Committee
  • Science RXN 2015 by the UBC EDM Club and the Science Undergraduate Society
  • stARTup 2016 by the UBC EDM Club and the Arts Undergraduate Society
  • gRAVEyard 2016 by the UBC EDM Club and CVC
  • Other collaborations with Party Well, CiTR, Envy Entertainment, the Pit Pub and other AMS clubs including Blank Vinyl Project, UBC Music Initiative, UBC Jazz Cafe and Rappers Without Borders.

Community Education

The UBC EDM Club DJ Workshops teach students basic, intermediate and advanced DJing techniques and also serve as a place of discussion and community bonding. UBC EDM also organises production workshops and general A/V training.



Founder: Adam Kolsrud


President: Adam Kolsrud

Treasurer: Mohammed Imdakem

Vice President: Shona Zhang


President: Adam Kolsrud

Treasurer: Mahesh Nandwani

VP Internal: Luc Briede-Cooper

VP External: Bryan Chiu

Secretary: Tim Yoshimura-Small

Social Media Coordinator: Brian Wong

Event Coordinator: Tom Kim


President: Adam Kolsrud

Treasurer: Syed Saif Ali

Vice President: Danilo Veljovic

Technical Director: Luc Briede-Cooper

Secretary: Tim Yoshimura-Small

Social Media Coordinator: Alex Pi


Co-President: Adam Kolsrud

Co-President: Luc Briede-Cooper

Vice President: Danilo Veljovic


President: Luc Briede-Cooper

Treasurer: Adam Kolsrud

Vice President: Danilo Veljovic

VP Internal: Jon Bogert

VP Marketing: Chris Ren

VP Music Production: Mitchell Claxton

VP Media: Chris Wan


  1. UBC EDM Club Constitution, 2016/17, https://orgsync.com/113098/files/762166/show