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Trade between Canada and China


These days, the world has become smaller, especially in the area of business. Every company is interested in going out its own country and seeking greater opportunities abroad. First, they start to trade with those companies in the country that they think have possibility with or are established in a powerful market position. After they earned a range of benefits, they invest in the country by establishing a local subsidiary. Once they became able to get benefits from this measure, they start to reinvest money at the local level. The companies that conduct such activities are called MNCs Multinational corporations.

China has become a big business partner for many MNCs in various countries in the world. Recently China has begun to grow rapidly, with its GDP increasing at more than 7% per year. China has become a big partner with Canada as well. the import of goods made in China has led to a major decline in Canadian industry, especially in the textile, bicycle and barbecue industries. For example, the domestic bicycle production share dropped from 58% to 30% from 2000 to 2004. In the barbecue production industry there are a major increase in the import of Chinese goods, from 89,608 units in 2002 to 412053 in 2004.

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