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Thanks! I'm also wondering if there's a way to hyperlink the image with the URL parameter.

19:20, 29 March 2011

Yep, in the image code on the template page, [[File:Permalink.svg|15px|link=URL]], change the link=URL part to link={{{same parameter name as the url}}}. So in my Template:Perma example (which I've updated to have the icon link), I've used the following code:

[[File:Permalink.svg|15px|link={{{link}}}]] {{{link}}}

[[File:Permalink.svg|15px|link={{{link}}]] [{{{link}}} {{{name}}}]

To call that template here, I would past the following code:


Here is what it looks like live:

Permalink.svg http://www.google.com

Permalink.svg google.com

Let me know if that makes sense.



20:08, 29 March 2011

Great! I understand now. From what I read, I thought I needed to have another template to pull in stuff for the parameters.

Thanks again!

- Z

21:08, 29 March 2011