Templates w/ Parameters for external links

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Hi Zack,

To set up named parameters in a template, you put the name in 3 brackets, such as {{{link}}}. When you call the template, you would then assign a value to the parameter url. For example, I created a test/demo template for your example called Template:Perma. If you check out that template, you'll see that it has two named parameters, link and name. For the purpose of this discussion, I have the template create two outputs; one wit the raw url link and one with a named link (which you might not want). If I wanted to call that template here, I would use the following protocol:


Here is what that template looks like:

Permalink.svg http://www.google.com

Permalink.svg google.com

Please let me know if this makes sense and if I understood your question correctly.


18:36, 29 March 2011