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Hi Will,

is there a way to just hide (collapse) just specific sections of a table? Basically, this Template:New_Faculty_Guide_TOC is too big to embed on a single page. I just want to hide the different sections per header cell.


- Z

20:50, 26 August 2011

Hey Zack,

Really sorry about my slow reply (I'm hoping you've been mostly traveling during this time). I believe the best way to do this is to covert each section into a nested collapsible table that just contains one cell.

I went ahead and did that using the code from your above TOC template at Sandbox:New Faculty Guide TOC.

Please check out my sandbox page and let me know if that solves your request or if I can look into other solutions.


18:52, 15 September 2011

This is great! Just what I imagined it should be. Thanks!

16:57, 11 October 2011