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Hi Will,

I'm trying to archive some of the past MATH courses. So, if I take MATH110, there was three sections in 2010-2011 (two-term course), sections 001 (no wiki), 002, 003. My goal is to move the entire Course:MATH110/003 to Course:MATH110/Archive/2010-2011/003

If the wiki is small enough (less than 100 pages total) then the move function works great. That's the case of section 002 for example. Now if the wiki is larger like the 003 one (282 pages) I thought I could move a subsection at a time. I did that for a bunch of pages, but the original pages remain. How should I proceed?

This actually raises an other issue which is that I would like the original pages to be destroyed to let someone else create them anew if they so wish. At the moment the pages still exist with a redirect. Is there a way to ask the system to destroy past pages at some point?

Or is there another way you would suggest archiving past courses? Cheers,

18:45, 16 February 2012

Hi David,

I just sent you an email about this topic. I think in the future, we can definitely help out with large archiving/moving tasks pages, and I'm updating the help documentation to reflect this. I'll follow up more on email.


01:10, 17 February 2012