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MER contribution

Hi Shraavan,

Thanks again for joining the team, here are some ideas on how to contribute:

Pick a course, for example MATH 104. Its MER (contributor side of the wiki) page is found at Science:MER/Courses/MATH104. As you can see there, some work has been done on the December 2011 exam. If you click on the percentage, you will be sent to the corresponding exam page (in this case, it is at Science:Math_Exam_Resources/Courses/MATH104/December_2011.) You can save the exam pdf there and start either:

- add question statements (solve a CQ flag) by adding the question statement (like I showed on Thursday). If there is some complicated formulas to display, you can either leave it blank for now, the reviewer should catch that, or start learning how to use LaTeX (not soo tough), the help page of the wiki is Help:Editing_Math_Equations_using_TeX. - review a question statement (solve a RQ flag) by checking that what is written corresponds perfectly to what the exam pdf states. If it is the case, you change the RQ flag into a QGQ and if it is not, you can change the flag to QBQ and write an explanation in the discussion page (of the question page).

And once you get how this works, you can start solving CQ and/or RQ flags anywhere in the MER project (find those flags on the main MER page or on the relevant course pages).

Please, have a look at the main MER website Science:MER where there is already a bunch of explanations about flags and how they work. And please let me know if there is anything I can do to improve those pages or help you with.

Thanks again for joining the team! David

David Kohler (talk)16:45, 28 September 2012


Just leaving a message to see if there is anything I can do to help you getting started with the MER project? We were thinking organizing a work session sometimes this week, on Friday for example, would you be interested? That would mean to all meet for an hour or so with our laptops and get some work done while receiving help if necessary. Thoughts?


David Kohler (talk)18:18, 1 October 2012