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Thanks for using the UBC Wiki. As part of an effort to better organize the UBC Wiki, we're moving pages to the appropriate section of the wiki. The goal of this process is to make information on the UBC Wiki easier to find. I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I made all of your new LLED320 pages into subpages of the main Library:Education Library: LLED320 page. For example, your notes page is now at Library:Education Library: LLED320/Notes. I also updated all of the links on Library:Education Library: LLED320 so that they go to the new locations for your pages.

Your pages were in the Main Space of the wiki. This namespace is primarily a shared community space and articles in this section should be encyclopedic in nature, appeal to a broad audience, and be reflective of UBC. Articles in the main space should start with an introductory sentence describing what the page is about as this space is syndicated. Furthermore, pages in the Main Space belong to the wiki community and we encourage anyone edit them. Thus, a page called "Notes" in the Main Space does not really make sense in the shared space/community context.

Your pages are now all in the Library Namespace, which is reserved for library staff. There is no problem with that but please be advised that if you plan to have students or other users contribute or edit your pages, they will not be able to until they are given edit rights to that space. We usually recommend that course-related content be placed in the Course space. You might find the article at Help:Using_the_UBC_Wiki_for_Course_Work to be helpful.

Please see Help:Moving a page for more information on how to move or rename a page and Help:Namespaces for more info about how the wiki is organized. Please let me know if I can provide further info or answer any questions or if I can help out with anything.


19:55, 10 January 2012