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Hey Justin,

Just a quick note to let you know I moved your new conference pages over to the documentation section, mainly for the community editing and organization reasons I listed in the post below. They are now at Documentation:Graduate Student Children’s Literature Conference 2012. I also noticed you were trying to use subpages, which are not supported in the root of the wiki (the theory being that every page in root should be independent documents that are understandable on their own). The documentation space does support subpages and I thought it might be a better fit for your pages. Please feel free to move them to another part of the wiki if you like (see Help:Namespaces#Examples_of_What_Type_of_Content_Goes_Where for some general parameters).


16:55, 19 July 2011

Hey Will,

Thanks. I figured it would get moved, but I had no idea where you'd put it. I hope the description at the top of the page helped you make your decision. Your namespaces aren't very intuitive if your wiki topic doesn't specifically show up show up in those example categories. (I say "your" because we all know you designed all the UBC wiki policies yourself to fit your idiosyncratic whims, you tyrant!)

If I'm assigning categories to these wiki pages will those get changed because they're different from categories that already exist? Or does UBC allow me more freedom in making categories than situating pages?


19:33, 19 July 2011

Yeah, I totally agree that the namespaces are not intuitive. One of central conundrums of the UBC wiki is how to enable it to be both a shared community resource and a personal or group work space through an organizational framework. I try to balance (mostly unsuccessfully) a forced top-down organization with a flexibility that doesn't hinder the growth of the wiki and allows for a bottom-up approach to how pages should be organized (the idea being that the creators of pages would have a better understanding of their pages than an administrator). The namespaces are somewhat vague on purpose so users can better define their purposes themselves, however, I think we could definitely provide some better examples and documentation. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them (or see you edit them into the wiki).

I tend to treat categories as a folksonomy. I usually do not change categories that a user has assigned to a page (except if there is a typo). I will, however, add additional categories to a page if there are additional categories that that page would fit into. Thus categories are used more like tags than as a taxonomy. However, as the wiki gets built further out and there are more categories, I do try to structure them a bit hierarchically through the use of subcategories (other UBC Wiki users might view or treat categories differently). Again, the goal of all of this is to make info on the wiki easier to find and to provide a organizational structure that doesn't hinder usability.

Anyway, let me know if this makes sense and if I answered your questions (or if you have any thoughts).


23:24, 19 July 2011

That makes sense. Thanks, Will.

00:37, 20 July 2011