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This page is to support and document the 2012 Graduate Student Children’s Literature Conference being hosted and run by Grad Students at UBC's School of Library Archival and Information Studies in.

Next Meeting

Monday, January 9, 2012, 2 to 4 pm, in the Trail Room at the SLAIS Offices

Meeting Notes

  1. July 13, 2011



Rob Bittner, Stacey Matson and Rachel Balko

Volunteer List

Volunteer List - from the first meeting. Hopefully will get more people and their skills listed.

Possible Themes

  • Difficult Subjects: How All Children's Texts Are "Problem Novels"
The idea here is that papers could investigate any number of topics in children's literature, and still be "on theme" - race, disability, addiction, gender, sexuality, politics, violence, abuse, what childhood means and has meant - lots of "downer" topics.
  • Crossing Borders: Exploring Texts and Media for Young People Across Cultures and Continents.
The thought was that this would allow for papers on topics outside of just books and it would give a more international focus as well, allowing for an explorations of "texts" crossing geographical borders as well as cultural borders, genre borders, audience borders, etc.

Add more as they occur to you, or talk about which you'd prefer on the Discussion page

Tasks and Responsibilities

Sign up for the things you want to do to get the conference running.

  • Set up wiki (and possible future blog for the conference? do people want that?) - JJU
  • Call for proposals - Rob
  • Contact speakers - Rob
  • Book space - Katie?
  • Organize volunteers
  • Grant Applications - Rachel
  • Budget - Katie/Stacey
  • Catering - Kathie/Anita
  • Meeting Minutes - Saeyong
  • Paypal Setup - Karen
  • Make a more complete list than this.

Documents from 2010 Conference (from Dropbox)

The conference planners from last year were kind enough to provide a Dropbox account of the documents used in the 2010 conference. The documents that everyone should have a look at are the Conference Task List and the Grad Conference Project Timeline that were sent to the list via email. Both of these documents will be helpful at our planning meeting on Friday, September 9th; please try to read through them before the meeting and/or bring them with you to the meeting.

The following is a list of the documents that Rachel found most relevant and that we'll most likely use as templates for our documents:

Scheduling & Preparation:

  • Conference Timeline (Excel & PDF)
  • Meeting Agendas
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Task List (Pre-Conference, Keynote Speaker Coordination, Presenter Coordination, Promotion, Registration, Day-Of Activities, Post-Conference Activities)


  • Letter to J. Saltman asking her to forward SLAIS funding request
  • Email to MACL professors re: funding request
  • SLAIS funding request
  • Innovative Projects Fund Application


  • Formal Conference Proposal
  • Call for Creative Writing (version 1 & PDF)
  • Call for Papers
  • Proposal Submission Form
  • Guide for Reviewers (of submitted papers)
  • Creative Writing Acceptance Template
  • Creative Writing Submission Form (for accepted creative writing presenters)
  • Acceptance Letter (for papers)
  • Acceptance Letter for Presenters
  • Keynote Speaker Confirmation Letter (with travel & accommodation information and request for biography, AV requirements, etc.)


  • Day of Conference Schedule
  • Day-Of Chairing Schedule


  • Budget vs. Actual Expenditure (August 2010)
  • Itemized Cost Breakdown (August 2010)


  • Scans of 2009 Conference Documents
  • Website documents
  • Wrap-up Documents
  • Survey Documents
  • Promotional Documents