It is clear that you have comprehensively researched the main parameters that influence the perception of music through technical devices.

One thing that we did find confusing was the position of a layperson; some facts are presented in a complex way When summarizing the first paragraph, we advise that it should be split between an opening paragraph and subsequent paragraphs. This would aid in structuring your main thoughts about the subject. Maybe cutting some other paragraphs to smaller topics would help regarding basic understanding. For example, explaining what the sweet spot is, how it affects musical perception and the way in which they are recorded.

Another thing that we have noticed is that your links aren’t working properly. Maybe you will be working on the pages that the links redirect to, but for now, they’re completely blank.

You did note on our page that you haven’t referenced your topic to an extensive study yet, so we are glad that you’re aware of that. What may help is adding at least two more articles.

We didn’t have anything to complain about grammar.

NafisaRenateNaumann (talk)00:03, 27 March 2017