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Hi, I saw this page was renamed so it was in the Main Space (or root) of the wiki. I just wanted to leave a brief note saying that I moved it again so it is back in the Course space under the Course:LIBR559M hierarchy.

Th Main Space is primarily a shared community space and articles in that section should be encyclopedic in nature, appeal to a broad audience, and be reflective of UBC. Pages in the main space belong to the entire wiki community and we encourage anyone edit them. In contrast, outside editing of pages in the Course space is usually minimal. Also, having all course related pages in the same namespace makes information better organized and thus easier to find.

Please see Using the UBC Wiki for Course Work for some tips on using the Course space and Help:Namespaces for more info on how the wiki is organized. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let me know.

23:10, 29 July 2011