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How can we reword the sections to reflect that the One Child Policy has ended?006:15, 9 April 2016
Suggestions020:43, 3 April 2015

How can we reword the sections to reflect that the One Child Policy has ended?

Hello former and future editors,

I started a new wiki page called China's Two Children Policy to talk about the newly implement policy and discuss its impacts. If you are interested in the one child policy, you are also welcomed to contribute to the wiki discussion on the new family planning policy. In order to make the two wiki page related and consistent, I edited the overview and also added a summary section for Two Child Policy in this wiki page so it looks more up to date on the issues.

Although I did not edit other sections, I am wondering would it be necessary to reword all sections in order to indicate that the One Child Policy is no longer in effect. Of course, the consequences of One Child Policy is not a past subject since the new policy only started on January 1st, 2016, and all the debates still remain valid. However, future editors should probably refine this wiki page and the wording so the audience understands that the One Child Policy itself has legally ended. It would be helpful for the audience and future editors to better understand the one child policy in its most updated state.

06:15, 9 April 2016


Hi Fiona, I have a few suggestions regarding your wiki page. First, I think adding diagrams, pictures, and graphs to your wiki page could make your topic more interesting. Second, it's vital to add information on the history of one child policy in China and also the current state of the policy. Third, I think the bibliography isn't needed if you have references already. Also, I felt that your wiki was written in a format of an essay rather than a wiki page. You have used words that are usually used in essays but not in wiki pages (words such as: regardless, although.. etc). You have also included 'conclusion' part, which Wiki pages usually do not have. Furthermore, your references aren't cited properly in the correct format. All the references should have the same footnote, if you use the same reference more than once.

20:35, 3 April 2015