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Open Education 2012 Presentation

Will Engle and David Kohler co-presented the MER project at the 2012 Open Education conference in Vancouver, BC.

The Wiki Context

The UBC Wiki: MediaWiki based, Universtiy wide, collaboration space.

  • Ward Cunningham - Groups of people who want to collaborate also tend to trust one another

Stats as of 10am this morning:

  • Pages - 29,608
  • Users - 7,925
  • active - 257
  • total views - 11,581,333

The User Driven Approach:

  • From Artists not Plumbers ...
  • to Gardeners Not Architects
  • Making content portable

An overview of the MER project

The Math Department makes past final exams available to students. For example, the April 2011 exam of MATH 101.

To be more useful, we made it look like this:

A guided tour, from the home page

Example of student interaction:

How does it work?


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