Redox Reactions In Basic Conditions

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Balancing Redox Equations Run in Basic Conditions Using the Half-reaction Technique

Tip-off If you are asked to balance a redox equation and told that it takes place in a basic solution, you can use the following procedure.

General Steps

Steps 1-7: Begin by balancing the equation as if it were in acid solution. If you have H+ ions in your equation at the end of these steps, proceed to Step #8. Otherwise, skip to Step#11.

Step 8: Add enough OH- ions to each side to cancel the H+ ions. (Be sure to add the OH- ions to both sides to keep the charge and atoms balanced.)

Step 9: Combine the H+ ions and OH- ions that are on the same side of the equation to form water.

Step 10: Cancel or combine the H2O molecules.

Step 11: Check to make sure that the atoms and the charge balance. If they do balance, you are done. If they do not balance, re-check your work in Steps 1-10.