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The Open UBC Newsletter provides awareness about events, services, and projects on the UBC campus related to Open Scholarship (i.e. data, science, access, education).


  • Every other month - September 2019 start date
  • Last Wednesday of the Month


Members of the UBC community interested in Open Scholarship - faculty, librarians, staff, etc. Those interested in receiving the newsletter can subscribe via (TBD)


Collect topics for the newsletter. Email Open Scholarship Sub-Committee and the Open UBC Working Group for suggestions. Week 1
Write topic areas and review or request OS Sub-Committee and Open UBC Working Group members to write sections they suggested. Week 2
Add content to the Mail Chimp Template. Complete editorial review. Week 3
Send newsletter out the last Wednesday of the month. Week 4

Newsletter Structure


  • Project Highlight/Open Dialogue/Feature Open Advocate?
  • Open UBC News
  • Events/Workshops
  • Funding/Grant Opportunities
  • Highlighted Tools/Services
  • Need Help Section


Mail Chimp

An account has been created for the Open UBC Working group.


password: Contact Erin


September 13, 2019

February 20, 2020