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Open education elsewhere

Distinction between "OpenCourseWare" and being open...

Some UBC Course Examples

Open platforms in the Masters of Educational Technology

Student and Course management issues and opportunities with open platforms and social media

  • What are we building here anyway? Planning for single or multi-year community sites.
  • Managing student interactions - coherence, communication channels and information overload
  • Negotiating public and private learning spaces
  • It's about the learning, not the technology...

More on UBC Blogs

  • Notable blogs featured on home page of the site

Blog features

Mostly developed by wider WordPress community, but at least some bits of custom code

  • CWL authentication
    • privacy controls for public, CWL-holders, or registered users (visibility and comments)
    • add users via widget or via custom screen

And a fairly wide array of plugins (our admin is very good at monitoring their effects on system performance)

Future direction

Integration with BuddyPress to offer groups, personal profiles, threaded discussion - like at


  • CWL authentication
  • Extensions include WikiBooks (demo)
  • Namespaces for courses, documentation, etc... Along with categories. Feedback?
  • "transclusion" - or chunking page content into tiny wiki bits (don't call them objects, please) example