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For Week 4's class, you will read one of the articles labelled Article 1 and Article 2 (see below and they are also listed in Brightspace for Week 4), and we will do some teaching of the concepts in your article in Week 4. You will not be alone! There will be lots of others who also signed up for your article and you will work as a group to decide how to get across the main ideas.

Type your name on one of the lines underneath the article you want to read:
Article 1: The Practice and Promise of Critical Information Literacy
Stephanie Marston
Nicoletta Romano
Jacqueline Noel
Jordyn Zirk
Sarah Ainsworth
Gavin Hayes
Shelby Deglan
Jentry Campbell
Cristina Holman
Annie Macanulty
Type your name here
Type your name here
Type your name here
Article 2: Threshold Concepts and Information Literacy
Janine Hodgson
Becca Fülöp
Michael Hunc
Risa Hatanaka
Bronwen McKie
Ioana Liuta
Emily Homolka
Junyue Shen
Laura Krueger
Meagan Oliver
Janet Calderon
Luz Villarreal
Lindsey Bennett