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Headings remain problematic as Wordpress tabs000:00, 15 August 2012

Headings remain problematic as Wordpress tabs

Headings for this guide are still transforming into two rows of (buggy) tabs through the WikiEmbed plugin in Wordpress.

To alleviate this, I'm proposing the following best practices that should cover most articles experiencing this issue:

A) Reduce the length of the title of the headings so that they all fit within the 476px leftover for content after navigation sidebar. e.g. "Researching Step-by-Step" can become "Research Steps"

B) Sections can be merged based on an association between their content or a redundancy. e.g. "More Information" could moved into "Understanding your Assignment" as this first section's content consists of only a single paragraph. Likewise it might be better as an optional link at the "end" of the guide (thus no longer taking up a tab slot).

JSchatz00:00, 15 August 2012