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Typing shortcuts

Truncation: allows you to search for variations of a word without having to type each word out. Just type the root word and then add the database's truncation symbol at the end.

  • Note, there is no universal truncation symbol - but most databases use * If you are unsure click the database's help link and look through the menu for truncation.

So, type


rather than

standards OR standardized OR standardization
  • make sure to use a long enough root before adding the truncation symbol -
    • man* will bring back results containing: mankind, manager, manuscript, manifold and every other word which begins with "MAN."

Putting it all together: AND, OR, truncation, & phrase search

Wildcards: allow you to search for terms that have different characters in the middle, rather than at the end of their roots.

For example, typing in wom*n will bring back results for both woman and women.

For useful results only use wildcards for terms which are variations of the same word.

Eg., typing b*nd will bring back band, bend, bind, and bond - none of which are related terms.