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The Resource Pages Application contains 27 fields.

The explanatory table gives you field definitions and properties. The admin field usage guide gives you guidelines for inputting data.

The following sections describe various field properties.

Brief vs. full display fields

  • Only a small number of available fields will be displayed to the public on the resource pages landing page at:
  • These brief display fields are: Title, Access URL, Access Instructions, Concurrent Users, Brief Description, Full Text, Access (open or restricted), Trial (if selected), Permitted Use URL

Required vs. optional fields

  • Required fields must be filled in before a resource page can be saved and published.
  • For subject librarians creating a resource page, the required fields are: Title, Brief Description (up to 220 characters), Description, Subjects, Full Text and Owner
  • For the e-Resources unit, additional required fields are: Access URL, Permitted Use URL

Public vs. hidden fields

  • The majority of fields are public (i.e. viewable by our users).
  • However, there are hidden fields that contain either administrative data or data that's mainly of interest to librarians. For example, Interface and Consortium are hidden fields. However, certain hidden fields can also be searched for convenience.

Browsable fields

  • Browsable fields are ones for which pre-set, filtered lists are available on the public interface.
  • The browsable fields are: Title, Subjects, Trial, Popular
  • Although not browsable in the strict sense, a user can imitate a browse by leaving the search box blank and limiting by: Open Access, Canadian, Mobile URL, Format

Searchable fields

  • Searchable fields are ones that can be keyword searched using the main search box on the resource pages landing page.
  • Searchable fields are: Title, Alternate Title, Common Misspellings and Alternate Spellings, Brief Description, Description, Subject, Interface, Consortium, Formats
  • Multiple keywords will default to a Boolean "AND" search, i.e. ALL keywords will be searched.

eR only fields

  • Certain fields are restricted to the e-Resources team.
  • These fields are: Access URL, Alternate URL, Mobile URL, EZproxy checkbox, Permitted Use URL, Publish checkbox

Controlled vocabulary menu options

  • For certain fields, you must select from pre-set drop down options.
  • These menu options are maintained by the e-Resources unit.

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