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Use this template to complete a schedule of activities. This document will be used to inform communications and marketing staff of the event for promotion.

Open Scholarship Events Schedule Template

Event Title: EXAMPLE   Open Access Week 2018

Event Theme: EXAMPLE Designing Equitable Foundations for Open Knowledge

Event Write-up: EXAMPLE

This year’s theme reflects a scholarly system in transition. While governments, funders, universities, publishers, and scholars are increasingly adopting open policies and practices, how these are actually implemented is still in flux. As open becomes the default, all stakeholders must be intentional about designing these new, open systems to ensure that they are inclusive, equitable, and truly serve the needs of a diverse global community. This year’s Open Access Week invites all interested stakeholders to participate in advancing this important work. (Taken from the OA Week Global webpage)

Event Schedule
Title Date Time/ Location Description & Event Link Audience Facilitator
Creating and Managing Your Academic Profile Mon, Oct 22, 2018 10-11:30


Thinking about publishing your research? There are more ways to communicate your scholarly ideas than ever before. Learn about skills and tools for discussing, interacting, presenting, writing, commenting, and finally publishing your research. In this workshop you will: develop a scholarly/publication profile using both traditional and social tools, build knowledge of formal and informal modes of publication, identify ways to broadly participate in your field (e.g. webinars, blogs, open education resources).

Registration Link:

UBC Faculty, UBC Grad Students Erin Fields