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Twentieth-century Latin American Pamphlets

Includes pamphlets, grey literature, and ephemera relating to political, economic and social conditions in Latin America. Spans 1910-1995, although most materials date from the Cold War period. Particularly valuable as a source of information about left and right wing movements in Latin America and of rare publications such as pamphlets, conference proceedings, political manifestos, speeches, serials, statistical reports, and government documents.

Includes over 1600 pamphlets, grey literature, and ephemera from twenty-three countries and colonial dependencies in Central America and the Caribbean. The scope of the collection is broad, ranging from tiny Anguilla, represented by three pamphlets, to Cuba, represented by 320 pamphlets. In addition to documenting the politics and economics of the region, the collection includes significant material on the labor movement, international relations, and agriculture, as well as human rights, education, the arts, religion, and the role of women.