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Office of the Custodian of Enemy Property:

Index, 1942 - 1951. AW1.R-7731

Available reels: C9299-C9304, Volumes 1- 6, which comprise the index to the case files from the Vancouver Office of the Custodian of Enemy Property. UBC Library does not own the Case Files. The Case Files have not been filmed and access to them is restricted for privacy reasons. They may only be accessed by researchers who have first applied to Library and Archives Canada for permission.

The Vancouver office file system included an extensive series of case files, one for each Japanese Canadian over the age of sixteen who was removed from the coastal area of British Columbia. The Case files are arranged numerically. An alphabetical index is available. This index gives the name and address of the individual, the case file number, family members and their file numbers, and sometimes the relocation address. The microfilm conversion list indicates on what reel a particular case file is located.