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Great Britain House of Commons: Parliamentary Papers [Sessional Papers]

1731-1800: AW10.G7

1801-1900 and 1979-present: AW5.G744

1801 - 1900. Subject Catalogue: J301.K512

Also available from the subscription database, House of Commons Parliamentary Papers (HCPP) for 1801 - present.

British Sessional Papers or Parliamentary Papers are documents presented to Parliament on matters under consideration, and include committee proceedings, research into political, economic & social issues, treaties, bills, Royal Commission reports and more. They are compiled by Parliamentary session and since 1801 are arranged in three groups:Bills, House of Commons papers, Command Papers. While they do not include the agenda or House of Commons Debates, the Parliamentary Papers are nonetheless a rich source of primary source documents for British and Canadian history, politics and society.