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Great Britain Foreign Office.

UBC Library has three key collections from the Foreign Office:

British and Foreign State Papers: AW5.G74 for years 1812 - 1934. This collection includes documents such as protocols, treaties & agreements, orders-in-council, and diplomatic correspondence. Each volume has a table of contents and index and covers a single year. Volume 138 includes a cumulative index for 1922 - 1934. UBC Library also has part of this collection in print - for years 1883 - 1960 at JX103.A3

Russia Correspondence: AW1.R5780 for years 1915 - 1948 with some missing volumes. Print guides to the collection are available at DA47.65 B75 for 1883 - 1948. The part of the collection owned by UBC Library primarily consists of correspondence between "the Foreign Office and various British embassies and consulates in Europe" concerning the relationship between Great Britain and the Soviet Union.

Japan Correspondence: AW1.R-5692 for 1865 - 1905 and AW1.R-5693 for 1930 - 1945. Index/Guide for 1865 - 1905 available at DA47.9 J3 G74 1975. Index/Guide for 1930 - 1945 available at DA47.9.J3 B75 1978. Topics include Acts related to Japan, decrees, treaties, records relating to British citizens living in Japan, consular accounts & other records, Japan's financial situation, trade agreements, freezing of Japanese assets, prisoners-of-war, British role in World War II in Japan and much more.